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Jerry Burt
is a native Californian returning to his roots in Fresno after honing his skills on the world stage as a designer and builder of many unique projects such as......

Film: "True Lies", "Money Train", "Jungle Book II", and many more .

TV Series including "Tales From the Crypt" and "Space Above and Beyond"

Commercials: A large variety including print ads and TV.

Theatre: From Musicals to Classics, Jerry has designed and/or built for many different productions and stage configurations, including "Romeo and Juliet" and "MacBeth" at the Los Angeles Theatre Center.

Along the way, he has been involved in many unique projects:

Home Theatre Theme rooms

A mural in the home of one of Amerca's largest, private collections of comtemporary art.

Memorabilia displays for The Country Star Restuarant in Universal City, Hollywood.

Currently you can often find him pursuing his other passion, taking award winning automotive art photography at car shows throughout California.

After working in the many creative facets of the performing arts, and having been exposed to some of the best Cinematographers and Photographers in the film industry, Jerry became fascinated with the photographic process. After returning to Fresno, he decided to pursue this new interest.

A few years ago while visiting a local car show and shooting some entries just for his own enjoyment, he realized that the combination of his rapidly growing passion for art photography and his lifelong love affair with automobiles would be the perfect path leading to his own photographic bliss. The rest, as they say, is history and has resulted in an archive of tens of thousands of photos.

But wait...there's more!

With his cameras permanently attached to his body, Jerry hunts for more than just cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats! His roving lens seeks out.....

the unique in the ordinary
the perfection in the imperfect
the sublime in the mundane
the probable and the impossible

Nothing escapes his creative eye and he is ever expanding his subject matter to include anything and anybody......some favorites are a collage of his grandson's energetic leaps and bounds during his football games - the Fresno City Hall in black and white...

The previously undocumented mating ritual of...

Plus all the endless and irresistible lures of nature's treasures such as:

An Iris dancing the Flamenco...
Flamenco Dancer

or peppers caught twirling in their tutus...

 and just very simply....the moon.

Yes, you must often look closely at his images as he strives to give you more than a glance will reveal.
Enjoy your visit.

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